Reformation Church of Elizabeth is involved with several ministries by way of financial support, prayer support, or brotherly fellowship. In some cases, our members serve in these extended ministries.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Worldwide Outreach
This missions outreach has a strong presence in nations like Uganda, Eritrea, and Haiti.

Renewing the Family Camp
Each year, Reformation Church sponsors a family camp. This camp typically attracts between 200 to 400 attendees, and affords us opportunity for some heavy-duty fellowship with our own members as well as with like-minded folks from the surrounding western states.

Christian Home Educators of Colorado
Pastor Kevin Swanson served as Executive Director of this organization from 1999 to 2010. God has used this ministry to reach out to 10,000s of families over the years who are seeking to understand what a God-centered education looks like. Kevin Swanson’s book, Upgrade, provides a biblically-based philosophy of a Christian education in both method and content.

The church has sponsored this radio program for the last four years. Hosted by Pastor Kevin Swanson, this daily radio show addresses relevant issues of the day from a biblical perspective, and from the perspective of a father raising five children for the kingdom of God.

Mid-East Reformed Fellowship
This outstanding ministry broadcasts a gospel message to the Muslim world of North Africa and the Middle East. They are active in training Christian leaders throughout that area of the world.

Slavic Reformation Society
In 1999, missionary Blake Purcell established the first Reformed Seminary in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since then he has trained at least 20 pastors for the ministry of the Word in a nation that has had very little semblance of Christian thought and life. Bringing a biblical worldview into every area of life will surely transform the nation of Russia in all of its institutions in the years to come.