Sunday at Reformation Church

Lord’s Day Morning Worship – 10:30AM-12:30PM
We meet in Elizabeth, Colorado for Sunday worship.  Click here for directions.

Fellowship Meal Sunday
During the first Lord’s Day of each month, we enjoy a fellowship meal together.

A cry room is available for nursing mothers, newborns, and infants.

Lord’s Day Communion
Communion is held weekly, and our practice is to open communion to those who are believers and accountable to a local church.

Other Meetings at Reformation

Shepherd Training 
Every Tuesday, a discipleship group meets to train men to disciple and shepherd others. This meeting covers such diverse topics as church history, ethics, culture, evangelism, hermeneutics, theology, counseling, and apologetics. For more information, call Pastor Kevin Swanson at 303-520-8814.

Discipleship Groups
Reformation Church of Elizabeth has a number of discipleship groups meeting throughout the week. We encourage our members to dedicate themselves to daily fellowship and the ministry of the word. Contact one of our elders to learn more.

Reformation Church of Elizabeth encourages its members to engage the “one-anothers” and build relationships through hospitality.